Real 100

The concept of a circular economy aims to present a solution to this challenge by combining revenue with social impact. It enables businesses to grow and prosper while keeping the environment and society intact, ensuring growth for themselves as well as future generations.

Thinking circular has led us to innovate around two main challenges:

Risk Mitigation, Interest mitigation, Leverage and Community/Partner based value chain.

Green Energy & Architecture, Recycling, Adaptable Solar, Retro Design and Smart Enabled Technology.

Real100 is a real estate investment initiative aimed at utilizing the harambee and chamaa ideologies to provide competitive returns by reeling in high net worth individuals, investment groups and businesses from as little as 10,000 USD.

Real100 is an inclusive win: To the investor – a lower investment entry level , To a project – early stage risk mitigation, To the bank – a feasible project model, To the home buyer – a flexible home ownership model…Now that’s circular!